Rolf Schuler for Oregon House District 44

Are you better off now than you were two years ago?

Is the world safer now than it was two years ago?

I’m running for Oregon State Representative, House District 44, and I need your vote in November.

Who am I? I’m your neighbor. Born and raised in N Portland (Overlook), I’ve lived other places around the globe but moved back to Portland in 2008 to care for my elderly parents. Having graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Journalism, I know the difference between news, editorial, and propaganda. I’ve been overseas doing humanitarian work, including three years in former Soviet Central Asia. I can tell you from first-hand experience, little good comes from Socialism. I worked for 14 years in I.T. for a large international non-profit. More recently, COVID related issues cost me a good job that I was enjoying. I am now a school bus driver for students with special needs. I enjoy interacting with the parents and teachers who love these children. As a working-class citizen, I too am feeling the pinch of inflation and high taxation.

I am a grass-roots candidate, refusing campaign contributions from special interests with deep pockets. Every time you see a candidate with lots of advertising, you need to ask yourself: What special interest is so eager to have this candidate elected that they will spend thousands of dollars to get them elected? If elected, I will work for you, the people.

Why am I running? I am running to give you a choice in November. Career politicians supported by special interests are doing everything they can to grab more power for themselves and the special interest they are beholden to.These actions clearly hold the citizens who elected them in contempt. The result is higher taxes, higher prices for everything, increased homelessness, streets that are no longer safe... I am not a politician, I’m just a citizen who wants to see an end to the reckless nonsense and blatant disregard for the rule of law that is taking place in Salem.


The Issues




Health Care


“Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.” — John Basil Barnhill, 1914

Election Integrity

Voting is the right of eligible citizens. All rights have responsibilities, and no right should be forced onto a citizen who does not wish to own the responsibility. Gun ownership is also a right. But it would be reckless to force that right onto citizens who don’t want to own that responsibility. While eligible citizens should always be encouraged to participate in our electoral process, care must be taken to minimize opportunity for voter fraud. With this in mind...


Thank you for your vote. I can’t do this without you, but together we can return sanity to Salem.


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